Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mustang Cake based on a Mustang Transformer

I've been baking again!
I saw my husband's mustang transformer and thought it would be good to copy. A work mate is leaving and wanted to make a car cake (my first one) and I'm really pleased with it.
I hope they like it at work
*Update* My son saw the cake this morning and told me it didn't match so added the back red lights and the wing (more images on flickr)

The Cake was based on Mrs Beetons recipe for maderia cake
10 eggs
400g sugar (aster)
400g butter
500g SR Flour
a bit of baking powder
about 4 capfulls of vanilla essence
took just under an hour to bake at 150 though the other cake burnt I was using my new 12inch square tin that you divide up into various sizes these were 6 x 12 inches
Silverwood foldaway cake pan from Lakeland

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