Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sackboy Cake

Sackboy is a cute character from a Playstation 3 game called Little Big Planet made by Media Molecule - (
My best mate Ben loves this game (he specially bought a PS3 & new TV so he could play this game) and I made this cake for his birthday.

I have a cake company local to me and I bought some Belgian Chocolate Paste - 2.5kg Ref: 01950 - and covered the cake with that 6mm thick !!

The cake itself is chocolate sponge using 50g to 1 egg ratio with cocoa powder some vanilla essence and some chocolate essence (from USA but available in Waitrose) and chocolate butter icing using the cocoa, vanilla & chocolate essence again.
there are a few skewers and chopsticks in him and I had to put the head on just before taking photo as it was too heavy for the body to cope!
The zip is black fondant with silver dusting paste hand sculpted

It tasted it very yummy as the fondant is like fudge !
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