Monday, January 31, 2011

3D Angry Bird Cake

My oven broke just before Christmas and with the help of family and friends, I bought a new one from Ikea last weekend.

I'd been planning on making an Angry Bird cake after seeing @bobbiealice 's amazing cupcakes on PocketLint, I thought I must make my idea of a 3D round cake and thought what better way to test my new oven :o)

I used the Wilton sports ball cake pan for the big one and used silicone semi dome tray to make the mini ones. I decided to go a bit crazy with the insides and make what in USA call funfetti basically it's basic vanilla sponge with sugar strands

Covering them was very tricky as the fondant kinda pleated itself at the bottom. I managed to "hide" the messy bits the beige tummy.

The beak and feathers are attached with cocktail sticks

I've decided to take the Big Angry Bird to work for them to eat and I made some mini ones for my husband, best friend & a special black on for my son as it's his favourite one!

I'm hoping to post a mini to @roviomobile if they let me know their address asap as they won't fly that far

Update: The cake arrived at Rovio and they loved it. Pockelint wrote an article about my cake and my local cake suppliers Craft Company also sell the Wilton Sport Ball Tin.

#angrybird cakes complete 1 big 1 + 3 mini ones @roviomobile

All of the cakes with plushies ...

All #angrybird cakes !

The insides .......

The insides of the #angrybird cakes


jensor06 said...

This is awesome. Before I found you, I bought the Wilton sports ball cake pan to try to make this. Can I ask how you did it? I am having an issue just getting it to no slip after I put it together.

Emma said...

The butter icing inside was enough to stick it together I also scooped out a bit in the centres. You could use plastic drinking straws to hold it together.