Monday, September 12, 2011

Did I design a Smart Phone not a PDA?

My PDA design - smart phone by emtysoe

I studied BSc Product Design at university and realised that I didn't design a PDA but a Smart Phone !
also I called it the Em Pad  :)

Project : New Product Design and Development

Brief : Generate a new product in one of the following fields:

A Leisure product.
A Home domestic product.
A Business product.
A DIY / Maintenance product.
Also the term used to describe this type of development is Blue Sky Design, because this type of product does not exist.

Personal Note

I found this product difficult at first, trying to think of product that doesn't exisit isn't easy! I decided to choose a business product but it can be used as a home product. As we were designing for the future it was slightly easier to design as there weren't many constraints. I searched the internet for insperation and I came across Philips Vision of the Future Web Page which I found amazing and very helpful. I decided to design a PDA for the future. It's voice activated but also has a small pen which can be used instead and for short note taking. It has a built in camera so it can br used for taking pictures or video conferencing. It comes with all the software you need for word processing, e-mailing, surfing the internet, etc... It's similar to PDAs on the market now but it's more sophisticated and has advanced materials, microchip, etc... A full size model was made for the project and I like the natural look so wanted a wood look finish.

3D Studio - pda

Via Flickr:
Designed this on my degree course back in 1995-6
My old website is still on Wayback Machinewith my other University designs.
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