Monday, October 17, 2011

iPhone 4S Cake

iOS5 Icons - see below for the close ups
iPhone 4S Cake !!! #iPhone4S #O2 #cake by emtysoe

For the iPhone 4S launch - Friday 14th October 8am, I made a cake for my work mates at the O2 store in Leamington Spa.

I hand drew all the icons with various edible ink markers. I used the screen shot from the display stand (see below) which shows the new iOS5 icons. It took me about 3.5 hours to make the icons and in total took about 5 hours to make. As it was quite late in the night I had to make a "quick" chrome band with buttons, etc... and the background was black as it would have been too fiddly to try and copy/create the default iPhone background.

I asked Siri if it would like some cake, unfortunately it didn't understand the question and told me it could only search for business in the USA

Thanks to @O2  for tweeting my image on - currently has 1,692 views

Me at work (O2 Leamington Spa)
Cake on the iPhone Stand

I started work at 7am on the launch day and worked until about 6pm, with just the odd 2 min break here and there to grab a bite to eat as we were super busy as you can imagine.  We had a total of 97 iPhone 4S that day and the second guy in the queue was Seb he got there at 3am.  We didn't sell out until very late in the afternoon.

I'm very lucky that I work with an amazing bunch and had the most exciting and tiring day ever :)

Looking forward to the next iPhone launch whenever that may be

Edible iPhone Icons

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We've only just cut the cake today, as it was "too nice" to eat :)

Finally cut the cake  :)

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