Friday, November 25, 2011

Mini Christmas Pudding Chocolate Cakes

Mini Christmas Pudding Chocolate Cakes all packaged by emtysoe

Today is school's Christmas Fete....... so last night I made some "Christmas Puddings"

Here's how I made them .......

First, I made a chocolate cake mix

150g caster sugar
150g butter
3 eggs
120g self raising flour
30g cocoa powder
vanilla essence - proper stuff
chocolate essence - only found in waitrose

Butter Icing
some butter, icing sugar & vanilla essence - I don't really measure

I have this lovely 8 mini dome / semi sphere silicone bakeware (Tefal) which is great for making round cakes (used it to make mini angry birds)  - I can't find it anymore bought it a few years ago however found something similar on  internet

once cooled I cut the dome so they were level, scooped out a little bit and added the butter icing ....

I joined them together using "cake pop" mix I made using the off cut cake & butter icing

I then covered them in chocolate flavoured fondant .... very tricky

I did "cheat" and had to add some fondant on the bottom and blend the joins
To make the "sauce"  I used a round cookie cutter and hand shaped with a sharp knife

added some sparkle the "sauce"

Now making the Holly Berries & Leaves

I bought some special Beau Flowerpaste which happened to be "holly green". I use a holly leaf cutter but you could easily just cut the shape with a template & knife.

The holy berries was just some red fondant icing which I added some "Christmas Red" colouring to do make them more red.   I added them to the leaves and used a leftover apple packaging from Sainsburys to shape the leaves in to the dome shape..... (I made these first and left them to dry while I made the cakes)

Once I'd made the cakes I added the holly to the top using a bit of icing & water mix .....

To make them nice for the fete, I placed them on 4" silver bases and bagged & tagged

I buy most of the my baking supplies from Craft Company
The clear bags are from LakeLand 50 for £2.99
The cute labels are from PaperGlitter
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