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15 years - Nicky - 22 May 1976 - 29 July 1998

•❤• Nicky •❤•

22 May 1976 - 29 July 1998

15 years 

All of us together unfortunately before digital cameras and Eve's head is missing!
(Not sure what date this was taken)

This is me & Nicky Sept 1995 at Glamorgan University one of the fancy LAN PC's that ran I-deas had a black & white web camera so took a photo of us both and telnet'd the photo :)


I can still remember where I was when I got the bad news.  I was on my way to work at the cinema and was on West Grove just outside Cardiff Uni Engineering Block in a phone box.  We'd made plans to meet up and go shopping that weekend, so I was calling to sort out when and where.  I thought it was odd when Nicky's Dad answered the phone as he should have been in work. It was the he told me Nicky had died, I don't the medical name but it's when the electrical pulse in your heart stops and the only way to get it back, is with a defibrillator which back then offices didn't have.

It hadn't really sunk in, I called my parents and told them, I didn't have anyone else's number memorised and my Dad called my friend's Mum. I remember continuing into town and buying an Eeyore from the Disney store before going to work.  I was still in a daze so they sent me home, that's when I got a page from Michelle. I didn't have a mobile phone back then just my trusty pager. We were all in shock, I spent the night crying in the shower.

The church was crammed full, Nicky knew so many people it was standing room only.  Oliver her boyfriend had composed a piece of music which was played (I have a copy on a CD but can't listen to it).  After saying our goodbyes we all went to the pub.
It was an odd day still didn't seem real, Dave gave me a lift back to Cardiff where went went 10 pin bowling and went to see a film.

I visited Nicky (and her parents) every weekend for ages as had no idea how to cope with losing a best friend. It was hard as our little circle of friends broke apart, I don't think anyone know what to do or say, as things would never be the same again.  We stay in touch but only get together on special occasions, we all miss Nicky.

It's hard to believe it's been 15 years already.  I often wonder what she would be doing now :)

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My Graduation December 1999 by Nicky's memorial tree
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