Saturday, July 27, 2013

Thundercats - Sword of Omens

Thundercats - Sword of Omens  

in cardboard

It was my boss's Birthday and he's fan of 80's cartoons like myself so I decided to make him the Sword of Omens, to go with the DVD boxset :)

Thundercats - Sword of Omens by emtysoe

This was a fun and tricky project to do as I had to CAD and make after I finished work and also when my Boss wasn't about so I didn't spoil the surprise :)

I got images from the internet and drew around them on the software we use for our cutting table (Karl).  I kept scraps of board from when I made boxes (my day job) and made the sword in parts.  So it wouldn't get damaged while it was hidden I also made a long box for it and used the left bits in the factory for filling.

I was away when my Boss got his surprise, so didn't get to see his face.  I've told him he can use it to attack the spiders :)

More photos are on Flickr

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